Itree develops software solutions for government agencies in Australia and New Zealand, that improve productivity and efficiency in the areas of regulation, compliance and enforcement.

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Our innovative RegulationWorks® technology and proven expertise in regulation, compliance and enforcement has helped us deliver better outcomes for public sector regulators for more than 20 years.

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We only work with government agencies, which means we understand the unique challenges you face and the solutions you need to solve them.

  • ROAD

    We have extensive experience developing and supporting software for heavy vehicle compliance and enforcement, with camera enforcement and vehicle regulation systems in place to protect road assets and improve public safety. Our risk-based screening tools improve productivity, by targeting enforcement of non-compliant vehicles and operators, while business rules support consistent enforcement outcomes aligned to national legislation.


    We understand the complexities of the maritime industry and have worked closely with national and state maritime authorities across Australia and New Zealand. Our solutions reduce the burden on staff by automating repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on high-value activities that improve productivity. Holistic views of maritime entities, registration, compliance and enforcement activities help you target inspections and make better decisions, with comprehensive risk assessments and interfaces with international bodies.


    Our solutions provide end-to-end processing, to help geographically-separated business units assess and approve applications, manage compliance activities and oversee the lifecycle of accredited industry participants. A unified data repository of compliance history, mandatory checklists, configured workflows and comprehensive dashboards help you standardise processes, meet legislative deadlines and ensure consistent decisions are made and recorded as part of a unified workflow.


    Our solutions allow you to analyse field operations data, study the effectiveness of compliance interventions and perform targeted and informed deployment of resources and enforcement activities. A single, unified repository of compliance data helps you reduce duplication of administrative tasks and streamline enforcement processes, including case management of prosecutions and infringements. This allows you to focus on core tasks that safeguard your agency, protect the health and safety of your field officers and educate people on the need to comply with regulations.

  • RAIL

    Intelligence analysis is critical for rail security departments. Our solutions allow you to automatically store detailed information and create relationships between people, places and security incidents, to help you improve analysis, decision-making and prediction of future behaviour on the rail network. The combination of user-friendly interfaces, automated calculations, built-in business rules and detailed workflows help you streamline processes and understand incident trends and costs to your agency.


    Consistency in decision-making is a major challenge in regulating the liquor and gambling industry. Our solutions provide you with tools to capture compliance history, identify risk factors and streamline disparate systems and processes, for greater visibility across the organisation. You’ll improve operational efficiency and make better decisions about compliance and enforcement, with powerful intelligence to help you assess applications with confidence.

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