July 2020

Itree and Objective join forces for high value, smarter government solutions

Itree and Objective join forces for high value smarter government solutions

Sydney, Australia - 7 July 2020 Objective Corporation Limited (ASX:OCL) announced to the market last week that Itree Pty Ltd is now a wholly owned subsidiary, bringing together two industry leaders to deliver world-class software for government and regulators.

Itree are proud of a 24 year rich history of developing intelligent software for government agencies and regulators across Australia and New Zealand, and will continue the vital imperative moving forward of making our communities safer through innovative government solutions.

Ben Hobby, Itree CEO commented, “The combining of two Australian technology successes, that are so very well aligned in culture, innovation and owning a customer first mentality, is extremely exciting. Seeing Itree become award winning in the RegTech industry over the last few years has been thrilling, we now look forward to the next phase of growth as part of a larger team holding the same values. Itree are elated to join the Objective family.”

Objective is an Australian founded software company, having expanded successfully over many years now with global reach, holding a similar deep heritage of providing solutions for government. Working with more than 1000 agencies, departments and councils to provide smart software that is effortless to use, helps to improve productivity and deliver better services to citizens. Together both companies see an extremely bright future working as a unified team to bring world class products to government.

Tony Walls, Objective CEO said, “Over the past 5 years Itree’s employees have done an outstanding job transforming the Itree business into a leading cloud-based regulation solution provider for government agencies and regulated industries across Australia and New Zealand.”

“Objective and Itree share extraordinary parallels. Both companies were born in Wollongong, Australia. Both companies are deeply focused on delivering outstanding community outcomes through serving the needs of public sector organisations. Both companies, shun outsourced and offshore development, preferring to directly employ world-class engineers in their own development campuses.”

As a result of Objective’s significant long term investment in R&D, Itree solutions will benefit from access to Objective’s extensive engineering and development resources, including the Objective IQ integrated user experience.

All Itree employees, including current CEO, Ben Hobby, have been warmly welcomed at Objective. Itree employees remain dedicated to helping their customers to productively carry out the essential work of delivering safety, regulation, compliance and enforcement outcomes that make our communities safer places to live.

For further information please contact info@itree.com.au

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About Objective Corporation

Objective Corporation (ASX:OCL) creates information and process governance solutions that are effortless to use and enable organisations to advance their own digital transformation.

Designed for regulated industries, these solutions turn the imperative of compliance, accountability and governance into an opportunity to streamline business processes and deliver the innovative services that customers expect.

With a heritage in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Objective’s expanded solutions extend governance across the spectrum of the modern workplace; underpinning information, processes and collaborative work-spaces.


About Itree

Itree develops intelligent software for government agencies and regulators in Australia and New Zealand. Our solutions save lives and environments by improving safety, productivity and efficiency in the areas of regulation, compliance and enforcement.

Our solution specialisation for over 24 years means we deeply understand the needs of regulatory organisations at all government levels and across a broad range of industries. Our people are our strength and the reason we have built a reputation for innovation and excellence. We take pride in creating quality solutions, and strive to deliver with excellence for our clients.

Our people are committed to our strong vision - our solutions genuinely save lives, improve public safety and protect our communities. Something we can all get behind and work together to achieve.