February 2018

REACH is moving forward.

Itree is continuing on the journey, to become a leader in protecting citizens and helping provide safer communities.

Itree were pleased that REACH recently received a mention in ITNews (read it here). Our plans to make child-protection related information held in multiple state-based systems, available to caseworkers and other authorities across Australia, is becoming a reality. REACH is Itree's child safety intelligence system, a very exciting step towards enhancing the protection of children, and decreasing abuse.

REACH will interact with existing child safety systems, such as the new Child Protection system in NSW, to identify children at risk, particularly related to the challenges surrounding 330,000 Australians who move interstate each year.


The platform is making use of advanced search technology and alarm features to allow child protection agencies in all states and territories to check the status of children at risk and detect persons of interest in near real-time. Not a national database, the new system will help keep better track of child protection issue that otherwise run the risk of falling between the cracks, in line with the national framework for protecting Australia’s children 2009-2020.

No system currently alerts caseworkers to background information that may exist outside the state they are in, and while protocols exist for the transfer of child protection information, this relies on the agency being aware of the child having moved. We are thrilled to see the release of REACH later in 2018.


Read more at itnews.com.au

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